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Does Six Month Smiles really work in only six months?

Everyone interested in Six Month Smiles braces starts with different needs, so treatment times vary. In general, Six Month Smiles treatment takes 4–9 months to achieve the desired results, with six being the average. The length of treatment in your case depends on how much tooth movement is needed. 

The goal of Six Month Smiles braces is to address gaps, overcrowding, or bite issues that affect only the front teeth that show when you smile. Since front teeth are the most noticeable when you smile, Six Months braces may be all you need to completely transform your smile’s appearance.

Because we only treat the front teeth, orthodontic treatment can be completed more quickly than traditional braces designed to move all the teeth. Six Month Smile treatment is also discreet because it involves clear ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires that are not as conspicuous as metal braces. And since your orthodontic treatment takes only a matter of months to complete, you don’t have to worry about the long-term aesthetic impact braces have on your smile. 

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