Teeth Whitening

young couple who got teeth whitening in san diego, caA healthy, beautiful smile is an asset that gives you a sense of confidence, draws people to you, and breaks down walls in social and business settings. Do you feel comfortable sharing your smile with others, or do dull and discolored teeth make you want to fade into the background? 

At Rancho Peñasquitos Dental Center, we know how beneficial a bright, attractive smile is in a modern world of selfies and social media. We are pleased to offer professional teeth treatment designed to fit your lifestyle and deliver stunning results in a short amount of time.

Professional Teeth Whitening in San Diego, CA

As you age, your teeth naturally discolor. Surface enamel wears over time and opens up tiny pores that attract food and stains from beverages like red wine, coffee, and dark tea. Even in your twenties, you may notice that your bright white smile is looking a little dull and faded.

But professional teeth whitening turns back the clock and restores your smile to its youthful brightness. If you want to get the whitest smile in the shortest time possible, our in-office treatment is a great choice.

In-Office Teeth Whitening for Fast Results

First, we record your current tooth shade for comparison purposes, then prepare your gums by covering them with a special protective gel. We then apply the whitening product and let it sit as it lifts stains and discoloration from your teeth.

After 15 minutes, we remove the whitening gel from your teeth and use the shade guide again to check your progress. We will then reapply the whitener for another 15-minute session. Each patient is different, but it typically takes three 15-minute sessions to obtain the desired results.

While your whitener is working, we invite you to get settled in with a pillow and warm blanket and enjoy our in-room entertainment. When we finish the process, you can expect to see a significantly whiter smile than when we started.

As part of your treatment, we also give you a supply of the whitening gel and customized whitening trays made using impressions of your teeth. Your custom trays allow you to perform touchups at home when you feel your smile needs a little sprucing up.

Teeth Whitening Customized for At-Home Use

teeth whitening kit in Rancho Peñasquitos Dental CenterNot everyone can break away for an in-office treatment, so we offer custom take-home whitening kits. We create your custom trays using digital impressions, so they fit your teeth perfectly and cover all surfaces evenly. Custom-fit trays are far superior to generic trays because they offer a perfect fit that keeps all the whitening product on your teeth and away from sensitive gum tissue.

We will show you how to place the gel in your custom trays and recommend you wear them for 20-30 minutes daily for about two weeks or until you see the results you want.

A Brighter Smile Starts Here!

If you are unhappy with the look of dull, stained, or yellow teeth, professional teeth whitening is a great choice to restore your bright smile. 

We always recommend professional teeth cleaning before whitening treatment because it leaves your teeth free of any plaque or tartar and delivers the most beautiful, consistent results. Please call us to arrange your appointment so we can get started!

Our dental team is pleased to serve patients in San Diego, Poway, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, and surrounding communities.