Root Canal Treatment

At the core of our practice philosophy is the importance of keeping our patients' natural teeth healthy for as long as possible. Comfortable chewing function and a healthy dental bite are crucial for maintaining a high quality of life, and we make the greatest effort to save teeth whenever possible.

Root canal treatment makes it possible to save a tooth when the dental pulp inside it becomes inflamed or infected. Pulp is the soft tissue in the center of a tooth that consists of nerves, blood vessels, and nutrients that keep the tooth alive.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

woman holding face in pain San Diego, CA 92129Since dental pulp is located beneath layers of enamel and dentin, it is typically well-protected. However, bacteria can find their way into the pulp through a deep cavity, a crack or fracture, repeated dental procedures on the tooth. Trauma or injury to a tooth can also damage the pulp, even if the tooth has no visible chips or cracks.

When bacteria penetrate the pulp area, they cause infection or inflammation, which can be extremely painful. The only way to relieve your pain and save your tooth is to remove the infected pulp with root canal therapy.

How Can I Tell If I Need a Root Canal?

The only way to know for sure if you need root canal treatment is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sondhi. However, there are numerous symptoms that you can look for, including:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Swollen jaw
  • Red or swollen gums
  • A bump or "pimple" on the gums
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity to touch and temperature
  • A dark or discolored tooth
  • A foul taste or odor in your mouth

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call us right away. We are available for emergency root canal treatment to get you out of pain and save your tooth.

The Root Canal Procedure

The purpose of root canal therapy is to remove the nerve and blood supply from within the tooth to relieve your pain and clear up the infection. A root canal procedure leaves the core tooth structure intact and allows continued long-term tooth function.

Thanks to Dr. Sondhi's experience and skill, she can complete most root canals in-house. Before she begins, our dentist will use powerful local anesthetics to ensure that the tooth is numb and you are comfortable. We also provide blankets and pillows for your comfort and offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation so you can relax through your appointment.

Using high-powered magnification and advanced rotary endodontic technology allows our dentist to successfully and thoroughly treat the tooth, and isolation techniques ensure maximum sterility and safety throughout the procedure.

If we believe that a specialist would best serve your needs, Dr. Sondhi will introduce you to one of her trusted colleagues for treatment and coordinate with them to ensure you are treated in a timely and compassionate manner.

After Root Canal Therapy

man getting ready for root canal San Diego, CA 92129It is typical to experience some soreness in the area for a day or two following root canal therapy. A cold compress placed on the area will help reduce pain and swelling, as will store-bought pain relievers like ibuprofen.

Our dentist will recommend a dental crown be placed on the tooth to protect it in most cases. While removing the tooth nerve eliminates tooth pain and infection, it also makes the tooth brittle and prone to fracture.

Placing a strong and durable porcelain dental crown on the tooth strengthens it and protects the tooth to help prevent reinfection.

Do You Need Emergency Root Canal Treatment in San Diego, CA?

If you experience any of the above symptoms, please call Rancho Peñasquitos Dental Center to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.